Toolbox Talks

4Site SafetyTalk Toolkits™

It is widely recognised that Tool Box Talks play a vital role in reducing unsafe behaviours on site. These ground-breaking A3 flip charts provide a flexible safety training resource that enables users to deliver interesting, lively and highly effective tool box talks with little or no preparation.

4Site SafetyTalk Toolkits™ have been designed specifically to encourage operative's active participation in the talk as research has shown that with passive training information recall after 4 weeks is about 10% whereas with participative training it can be as high as 90% meaning that operatives will remember more about their safety training.

The thought-provoking illustrations provide a visual focus that helps to break the ice and make the session more interesting and lively.

Introductory Text
The introductory text informs operatives of the levels of risk that they are exposed to when carrying out specific activities and encourages them to make the necessary safety arrangements to control those risks.

Accident Case Histories
Real accident case histories motivate operatives to work safely because they remind them of the devastating consequences of unsafe behaviour. Read out the details of actual accidents that are most relevant to current site activities and ask what lessons can be learnt from them.

Question and Answer Section
The question and answer format helps to draw operatives into the discussion.
Each question is followed by a checklist that provides the vital safety information that operatives need.

SafetyTalk Toolkits contain the following Tool Box Talks

Safe Access Preventing Skin Cancer
Scaffolds Noise
Roof Work Dermatitis
Excavations Hand Arm Vibration
Hoists and MEWPS Manual Handling
Mobile Lifting Operations Slips and Trips
Plant and Machinery Working at Height
Site Vehicles Nature Conservation
Fire Safety Noise and Air Pollution
Hazardous Substances Waste Management
Electricity Storage and Spillage
Protecting the Public Water Pollution
Safe Digging

Unit cost £ 125.00